The Real World War Z | The Rise Of The Hateful Pro-War Propaganda Symbol

Jayson Frascatore
4 min readMar 9, 2022

Welcome to the real World War Z. Literally. The letter Z — which does not exist in the Cyrillic alphabet — has quickly gained traction as a pro-war symbol for Putin’s invasion into Ukraine. As the war continues, the Russian military have been using the letter Z on Russian owned tanks in order to distinguish that they not only are part of the Russian army, but to show their support to Vladimir Putin’s regime. Putin has been actively brainwashing Russian citizens into believing that displaying the letter Z is patriotically showing their support for what they think is just a “special military operation” in order to “denazify” Ukraine. This lie, which is in reference to World War II, is completely untrue and distorts history.

The lie of “denatzification” is Putin’s way to justify his war into Ukraine. In other words, Putin has been telling his own citizens that Ukraine has been committing “genocide” and “ethnic cleansing” against Russians and Russian speakers. It’s a lie that has kept Russian citizens in the dark as to what’s actually taking place in Ukraine. Russian controlled television has recently been running propaganda ads in order to ramp up support for the war in Ukraine. It’s extraordinarily bizarre that Putin has even claim such a thing considering Ukrainian citizens speak both Ukrainian and Russian. The propaganda fueled lies have been aired over the airways of Russia in order to brainwash more Russian citizens into pushing the pro-war symbol of hate and supporting the murder of Ukrainian civilians.

What Does It Mean?
According to CNN, military experts believe that the letter Z may stand for a the phrase “за победу,” and written as “Za pobedu,” in the Romanized form, which is translated from Russian as “for a victory,” as Putin believes he will destroy Ukraine by either forcing Ukrainians out of the country, or murdering civilians with military weapons.

Others have speculated that the letter Z may also be a symbol for the second initial of Ukrainian…

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