Scammers Are Using AI Voices to Steal Your Personal Information — Here’s How You Can Protect Yourself

Jayson Frascatore
6 min readJul 11

In the age of technology and with everyone having a smartphone these days, we as a society have to remain cautious so as to not fall for scams online or over the phone. A lot of the time, many seem to know better. Though there is that suspicious feeling where one may not be sure. Scammers are always out there trying to collect your information in order to steal your hard-earned money or life savings. You might be familiar with the scam calls that you might get about your car’s extended warranty, the Nigerian Prince scam email, the Microsoft refund scam, or the Social Security scam where they claim that your “social security has been suspended” because they’ve “found a Toyota Carrola on the South Border of Texas with blood and 10 pounds of cocaine traced back to your name,” claiming you have an “arrest warrant” while they demand you drive to Walmart for $2,500 in gift cards.

Now, it seems scams are no longer focused on those who are 65 years or older, who may not be as tech-savvy as the younger generation. These new Artificial Intelligence scams are deliberately targeting everyone, including young adults, by using people such as President Joe Biden and Snoop Dogg. But how is this possible? Artificial intelligence is becoming more and more mainstream and is no longer sounding robotic like it once did. AI becomes smarter by the minute and knows how to learn and pick up on voice patterns. This may sound good in theory for other projects, however, the amount of destruction that could potentially be done is incredulous if it ends up in the wrong hands.

Artificial Intelligence Scam

While watching a video uploaded on YouTube by Trilogy Media, ironically about a scammer who was caught in a hotel room who thought was about to intercept a package of $320,000 USD, an ad interrupted the video. It was Joe Biden — appearing to be on what looked like CNN. At first glance without listening, it would look like it was a 2024 campaign video considering he had a microphone in his hand speaking from the podium. Not at all. Upon closer inspection, the poorly photoshopped chyron read “White House announces $6,400 IRS Subsidy for Americans Under 65”. In Joe Biden’s voice, the AI went on about how Americans under 65 can claim…

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