Ron DeSantis — Fascist Behind Closed Doors, Weak in Front of Cameras | The Fascist Chess Game

Jayson Frascatore
5 min readMar 23
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One thing that’s become increasingly noticeable over the course of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s campaign for re-election, and his already unofficial 2024 presidential campaign is something that may not be obvious at first glance. It takes a while for someone to see it. Along with his ultra-MAGA, far-right, fascist playbook, he’s silent. He never knows how to answer questions or respond to attacks without his closest inner circle attacking first. It seems the messaging always comes from everyone but him until he’s been given instructions on how to form the retaliation. From Disney World to public schools across the State, Ron DeSantis isn’t interested in governing and serving the people of the State of Florida. His only main concern is an aggressive and dangerous power trip that puts the lives of Floridians at risk every time.

The First Lines of Defense
Let's put it this way, Ron DeSantis is Donald Trump without the Trump. A fascist who believes he’s equivalent to a king. But he’s not a real king, more like a king on a chessboard. He sits and waits to silently sign your rights away. The pattern in which DeSantis plays is a literal chess game when you break it all down. For example, he’s protected by his army of pawns that will be the first ones to publicly attack others who say anything negative about him to protect him. In this case — pawns will equal his hardcore supporters. Those supporters seem to be coordinated in their attacks as their opening. Almost like they’ve planned their defense with a King’s Pawn Opening, a London System, or a Caro-Kann type of thing.

After DeSantis's supporters have done enough online influence, DeSantis’s campaign staffers and the Florida Republican Party come to the rescue — this is the part where they will act as the knights and the bishops. Pretending they’re finding information out from the supporters for the first time. Acting as if they’re floored when they may have just told a few of their pawns what to do to begin with. It’s a gameplan into the middlegame after DeSantis has been scuttled away into his office like he’s castling — which is when a king can move two squares to switch with the rook off to the side clear from a threat of checkmate for now.

Jayson Frascatore

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