Behind TikTok’s Invasive as well as Deadly Target on Children and Young Adults

Jayson Frascatore
5 min readMar 11

Are you using TikTok? If the answer is yes, you’re actively being targeted by the Chinese Communist Party. TikTok — formerly known as — is considered one of the top trending mainstream “social media apps” in recent years. While these short clips once were intended for lip-syncing and dancing to new music, the social media platform has transformed into the obvious direction of sharing memes, hobbies, places to travel, or explanations of certain topics or ideas. But the reality is some of the videos that are being promoted on TikTok are causing a societal impact that plays a role on our mental and physical health. The not-so-deep abyss of TikTok lies in the subliminally suggested videos for an intended purpose. Gathering our information and hoping to destroy ourselves from the inside out.

Privacy Protection
Before this comes off as just some kind of anti-social media post, it’s far from it. This is a matter of both security and dangerous influence in ways we don’t even think about. In order to understand more, we have to put the pieces of the puzzle together on who’s behind it and why TikTok is targeting children and young adults with the goal of causing harm.

First, it’s important that we point out that TikTok was created by the company ByteDance, a company based in China. In December 2022, the United States Senate passed a bill to ban TikTok on all government devices. The reasoning is that TikTok is using its platform to gather information on TikTok users in the United States and their data in order to gain personal information or habits. FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr appeared on Jake Tapper’s “The Lead” on CNN to discuss the national security implications and dangers of TikTok.

According to US National Security experts including the FBI, TikTok is storing data such as keystroke patterns, and search history on the user’s device to send back to the Chinese government. Their purpose is to cause disruption by feeding users more disinformation about…

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